Type of Membership Services Fee’s Validity
Indexing Type – A In JAOD FREE(there is no fee for it) Life long
Indexing Type – B Other than JAOD (We list your journal in majority of journals Indexed databases worldwide)
1000 USD For 1 year
2000 USD For 3 year
5000 USD For 10 year
Requesting IF Visit: www.jaod.orgif Free or 150 USD For 1 year
Reviewing We review your journal papers before publication by our experts/team of JAOD 20 USD for each paper irrespective of accepted/decline the paper Not applicable (Depending on MOU between your journal and JAOD)
Paper Sharing JAOD usually get majority of papers from Researchers/Professors/Scientists. We share those papers to your journals, and you can publish those papers in your respective journal(s).
Fee’s No.Of Papers Time Period
5500 USD 40-50 Yearly basis
10000 USD 40-50 Half-Yearly basis
Start your own journal (One step solution) JAOD will design web portal, in addition to booking domain on your/company name. Also, we will index the journal in many databases including JAOD. All services like reviewing, paper-sharing etc. will be done including FREE maintenance up to 1-2 years. To know further details please